Zephyr Stone and the Moon Mist Ghost by Kathryn Louise Wood

SKU: 9781948449090

Twelve-year-old Zephyr’s world is turned upside down after an encounter with a 300-year-old Native American ghost during what was supposed to be a boring weekend at her grandma’s house on the edge of the Great Dismal Swamp.

Now, not only is Zephyr charged with bringing peace to a restless spirit who has been searching hundreds of years for her long-lost child, but Zephyr's dog, Sam, has also mysteriously switched spirits with the ghost’s phantom cat.

Can Zephyr become the ghost charmer her grandma says she is and solve the mystery by the deadline of November’s full moon? Or will she doom the ghost in the mist, as well as her beloved Sam, to an eternity of searching the swamp?

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