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Are you a local author interested in consignment? Take a look at this great blog post from author Mark Holtzen, article from the ABA and our consignment terms.

Consignment Terms

1. We want to highlight local authors and our local community. Authors with ties to the Wake Forest area are encouraged to submit their book. If that does not describe you, confirm with us that we will carry your title before shipping your books!

2. With consignment, tasks that are normally performed by publishers and distributors are now the responsibility of the bookstore and the author. We collect a non-refundable service fee of $10 for each different title (not each copy of your book) to help offset the labor required. We offer an Events Package that includes the consignment service fee plus an author event for $25, subject to our review.

3. Our pricing terms follow the book industry standard of 60/40, where 60% of the retail price (set by the author) is payable to the author, and 40% is kept by Page 158 Books.

4. We pay quarterly for book sales, by the end of the month following the regular Accounting Quarter (example: January/February/March is 1st Quarter). Payments for sales are usually mailed by the end of April, July, October, and January.

5. We prefer to stock no more than two books for a new title. When we sell these and need more, we will contact you. If you are scheduled for an author event, you will be asked to bring more books to sell during your event.

6. We review sales performance every six months. If, after a minimum six-month trial, we feel sales are too low, we will discontinue carrying your book(s), and ask you to pick them up at the bookstore. Books will be held for pick-up for thirty days, or until the consignor picks them up (whichever comes first). If the consignor fails to respond, at the end of thirty days books will be donated to Friends of the Wake Forest Library.

7. It is the author’s responsibility to notify us of any changes in mailing or contact information. Communication with consignment authors is done via email, please make sure we have an accurate address for you! It is the author’s responsibility to deliver new inventory and pick up any unsold inventory.

8. Your book must meet certain standards to be considered: Professionally edited, designed and published, the title on the spine, an ISBN, priced appropriately. 

**Please note: books published by CreateSpace (Amazon) require review before being accepted for consignment** We'd highly recommend you create a free IngramSpark account (www.ingramspark.com) and transfer your publishing to a company that supports Independent Bookstores. 

If these terms are acceptable, please feel free to drop off a completed, signed Page 158 Consignment agreement, the service fee, and two books. It usually takes five to seven days for books to be processed and put out on the shelves. If you should have any specific questions not addressed by these terms, please feel free to contact us at consignment@page158books.com.

Page 158 Books reserves the right to make any final decisions on accepting a book; if we feel we cannot successfully sell your book, we will notify you within 14 days and hold your books to be picked up. 

If you'd like to have an event at either of our locations, begin by filling out our request form and we'll contact you.