Author(s) Event: One Window's Light

Come meet contributing authors to "One Window's Light," a collection of poems!

“A literal and metaphorical groundbreaker, this unique and indispensable collection contains a brilliant array of haiku by five members of the Carolina African American Writers Collective, including founder and guiding spirit Lenard D. Moore, who serves as its editor. In the deft hands of Gideon Young, Sheila Smith McKoy, Crystal Simone Smith, and L. Teresa Church, we find strands of lyrical precision intertwined with earthy and treasured mundanities against a backdrop of emotionally transporting moments. Long before ecocriticism and ecopoetics entered their current vogue state, Moore shattered preconceptions by exploring the connections between Japanese and African American aesthetics. In this volume, we see his extraordinary skill as a revelatory poet in dialogue with four gifted writers who have been nurtured by his example and become literary leaders in their own right. ”
LAURI RAMEY, co-editor of Journal of Foreign Languages and Cultures

“A classical Japanese aesthetic form is recontextualized to serve American poetic needs and purposes. The performances in One Window’s Light instruct and delight readers, compelling them to experience transcultural dimensions.”
JERRY WARD, JR., author of Fractal Song

“This collection is a lighted window into lives of African American haiku poets with powerful connections to earth and family. The poems resonate with past and present horrors and with hope for the future.”
RUTH M. YARROW, author of Lit From Within

“This collection is like a window that presents the light of insights into African American history and culture and offers fresh haiku for the reader to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste for a growth of sensibility, a moment of enlightenment, a rhythm of creative thinking, and an appreciation of African American heritage. The most impressive part of this collection is its focus on environment and current events, offering a clear point of view that haiku is not just about nature; it is also about human nature and society. Such an important haiku collection in American haiku history, One Window’s Light, as Moore states in his introduction, ‘extends the tradition’ of African American haiku already enriched by Lewis Alexander, Richard Wright, Etheridge Knight, James Emanuel, Sonia Sanchez, Kalamu ya Salaam, and many other younger black poets.
JOHN ZHENG, editor of African American Haiku: Cultural Visions

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Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm
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415 S Brooks Street
Suite B
Wake Forest, NC 27587