Author Event: Kathryn Taylor and Elizabeth Belardo

Discover some great local authors with Page 158 Books! Kathryn Taylor will discuss her memoir TWO MINUS ONE and Elizabeth Belardo will share her thriller SECRETS OF THE FIRM!


About TWO MINUS ONE: Kirkus Best Books of 2018 "You can quit waiting for the other shoe to drop: I'm in it for life." Those are the fateful, repeated words that help convince Kathryn Taylor to remarry, retire from her thirty-year profession, sell her home, and relocate in support of her new husband's career. But five years later, in a car packed with food she has carefully prepared to nourish her husband's dying brother, the other shoe does drop. Taylor's husband unexpectedly proclaims he is, "done with the marriage and doesn't want to talk about it." With this, the life Taylor has come to know is over. Relying on the strength of a lifelong friend who refuses to let her succumb to the intense waves of grief, she slowly begins to find her way out of grief. Over the course of two years, through appointments with attorneys and therapists, purging shared belongings, and pushing herself to meet new people and do new things, Taylor not only regains a sense of control in her life, she also learns to enjoy the new life she has built, the friendships she's formed--and to savor her newfound strength.


Kathryn Taylor was born at the Great Lakes Naval Station near Chicago, Illinois and spent much of her life in the Chicagoland area.  She is a retired teacher and had taught in the schools of Illinois, California, and Virginia before her retirement and relocation to South Carolina. It was there where she wrote her book, TWO MINUS ONE: A MEMOIR following the unexpected abandonment by her second husband. An avid reader, enthusiastic traveler, and incurable beach lover, she resides outside of Charleston, SC, which affords her the opportunity to enjoy all three of her favorite past times. This is her first book.


About SECRETS OF THE FIRM: Delightfully collapsing into a refined taste of devout sentiment allows heiress Alexandria Van Sassen to explore her affections in her newfound yet reliable confidant. Her first year attending Columbia keeps her comfortably entrenched in her home cityscape by the absolute determination of entanglement with one of the worlds deadliest gangsters. Her captivation of Tomas Dmitri, whose father is the head of one of many Russian Mafia families, is nothing short of expected and discreetly anticipated. Their whirlwind romance must show respect when in the same vicinity of the macabre obscurity lurking within the trusted walls of her very own heart. Treachery prevails, inciting a defensive instinct that will guide her through the unknowingly precarious position she holds between her grandfather and her love. Actions taken by those before her will lay the groundwork for the difficult path she has to take to secure her own birthright, awakening an innate magic sustained with her reverence of complete loyalty toward protecting her family. Many marionettes play the stages of growth she endures on her pilgrimage to becoming the worlds most important CEO. Her immediate succession was decided at sixteen, when the cogs of a greater machine began to spin round and round. She learns to balance the interests of the Firm, ensuring its undying success while toying with the beasts of her true loves world, breaking the illusionary glass amid the provocation of an old demon who is unwilling to let go of his stronghold. A world divided into politicians and gangsters can tremulously dictate the balance of power in a matter of seconds. Her new role keeps her on the world stage, while removing the mask tests her quick wit and Tomass endearing devotion for nothing less than her happiness. Become involved in the blissful love that is tangled within the reach of a heart-wrenching violence.


Elizabeth Belardo is a local author living in Wake Forest, NC. SECRETS OF THE FIRM is her first novel.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019 - 2:00pm
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415 S Brooks Street
Suite B
Wake Forest, NC 27587
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