Author Event: Dominec Melillo

Page 158 Books welcomes local author Domenic Melillo to share about his latest book Season of the Swords.

As six cousins mourn the death of their grandfather, their uncle, known as the Prophet, summons them to a meeting. In a remote family retreat, he reveals the secret history of their family and the prominent position their grandfather held as Meglio di Buono of the International Guardians of the Swords of Valor. The Prophet sends them back through time to pivotal points in history to obtain the four missing Swords of Valor, believed to have been stolen by the Apostles of Azazel. The consequences of failure mean far more than their own deaths. All of humanity could be destroyed. Any hope of succeeding lies in the power of the swords, their courage, and each other.

Encountering some of the most influential figures of history, from Joan of Arc to Christ himself, the cousins must confront the reality behind everything they thought they knew, before the Apostles of Azazel can plunge the world forever into darkness.

A historic tale of valor, virtue, family honor, faith, and the power of a humble spirit in a world dominated by pride and the love of power, Season of the Swords is the beginning of an epic that spans the vast expanse of time, raising the inevitable question: What if you had the power to change history?

Domenic Melillo is a husband, father, son, and brother living in Wake Forest, North Carolina. He graduated from Villanova University, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He also received his MBA in Banking and Finance from Hofstra University. He has worked in the mortgage industry for thirty-six years. His passion for storytelling and poetry was inspired by his father, Joseph Melillo, who would often read to his children many of his favorite poems. All of Domenic’s writings take inspiration from real life people and events.  Through his writing, he strives to highlight and contrast the light and dark sides of life, or as he calls it, “the duality of our existence”. He is drawn to the themes of family, faith, heritage, loss, and redemption. He is an avid student of history and in many ways strives to embody many of the characteristics of one of his heroes, Don Quixote, in that he longs to see things as they should be, not as they are. Domenic has been described as a soul living out of time, and yearns for the days of chivalry, virtue, valor, and honor. He writes in the hope of inspiring families and society to return to these foundational qualities.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm
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415 S Brooks Street
Suite B
Wake Forest, NC 27587
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