Campaign Furniture

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By Christopher Schwarz

For almost 200 years, simple and sturdy pieces of campaign furniture were used by people all over the globe, and yet this remarkable furniture style is now almost unknown to most woodworkers and furniture designers.

“Campaign Furniture” seeks to restore this style to its proper place by introducing woodworkers to the simple lines, robust joinery and ingenious hardware that characterize campaign pieces. With more than 400 photos and drawings to explain the foundations of the style, the book provides plans for nine pieces of classic campaign furniture, from the classic stackable chests of drawers to folding Roorkee chairs and collapsible bookcases.

In addition to all that, “Campaign Furniture” contains the first English-language translation of André-Jacob Roubo's 18th-century text on campaign pieces, plus original drawings of dozens of pieces of British campaign furniture culled from original copies of the Army & Navy stores' catalogs.

Like all Lost Art Press books, “Campaign Furniture” is produced entirely in the United States. The book is in a 6” x 9” format and hardbound. The interior contains full-color and duotone photos and is printed on paper that is heavy and coated with a matte finish for readability. The interior signatures are sewn for long-term durability.

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Table of Contents
1. Campaign Style    1
2. Campaign Woods    38
3. Campaign Hardware    52
4. Campaign Chests    82
5. Campaign Secretaries    122
6. Folding Camp Stool    138
7. Roorkee Chairs    154
8. Strong Trunk    190
9. Field Desk    214
10. Collapsible Bookshelves    234
11. Traveling Bookcase    248
Afterword... 265
A. Roubo on Campaigning... 269
B. India’s Joiners, by George Cecil... 279
C. Army & Navy Stores... 285
Further Reading…319
Hardware Sources…331

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