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Bookshop Book Fairs:  FAQ

What is

Bookshop is an online bookstore whose mission is to support local and independent bookstores.

We believe that bookstores are essential to a healthy culture. They’re where authors can connect with readers, where we discover new writers, where children get hooked on the thrill of reading that can last a lifetime. They’re also anchors for our downtowns and communities. –

To date, nearly $11 million has been raised to help the over 1,000 participating indies—including Page 158 Books.

What is available to my students?

Students (and parents) can order nearly any title they want. Bookshop Bookfairs are backed by Ingram Warehouse, the largest book distributor in the country. Teachers, specialists and administrators will have the chance to make custom suggestion lists for your personalized bookfair. Beyond those lists, bookfair “attendees” can use the search bar to find desired titles. All of these purchases will count toward total sales for your school. Books are then conveniently shipped right to the student or parent. No need for pick up days or missed class time.

Is there a shipping cost?

Yes. There is a shipping cost but titles on are discounted 8-10%. Those savings help alleviate some of the shipping costs.

Why should I use a Page 158 Books/Bookshop Bookfair vs. Scholastic?

Page 158 Books is a locally-owned, independent bookstore that gives back to the community regularly—by donating to local events/auctions, offering discounts to teachers and ensuring children have new books via our charity New Kids on the Books. Your neighbors and friends are our employees. We help launch and support local authors and pay local taxes. We enjoy supporting our community and rely on the community’s support to keep our doors open.

And, it’s easy. We offer nearly any title available with no forms to fill out, no pick up days, no shipping for you to take care of!

What will I have to do?

It’s simple. You provide us with some class reading or school wish list titles. We will build the lists on your personal Bookfair Page. Your biggest job: promotion. Your school will be given a specific bookfair web address to share with your teachers, students, parents and friends. We can help with flyer, email and social media post ideas. The more sales you send to your personalized bookfair, the more you earn for your school.

How long is my book fair?

Page 158 Books/Bookshop Bookfairs are open for an entire week—beginning at 8 a.m. Monday to 6 p.m. Sunday. During that time, all sales made through the specific affiliate/book fair link (created just for your school) will apply to your school’s fair. The site is open 24/7. Your bookfair will run that entire time with no extra work from you, no volunteers to coordinate or boxes to unload.

What does my school get in return?

Your school will receive 15% of the net sales  in the form of store credit. We will give you a gift card that can be used in our store or online.

To schedule your bookfair or for more information email: