Wicca For Beginners 2021: An Introduction to Wiccan Beliefs Part 1 (Hardcover)

Wicca For Beginners 2021: An Introduction to Wiccan Beliefs Part 1 By Serra Night Cover Image
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If you are looking for a practical and complete guide to implement and master the art of Wicca to improve every area of your life, then keep reading..

Did you know that you are incredibly powerful? That you are full of light and energy and can attune yourself with nature to access ancient and powerful magic?

It might sound a little like science fiction, but this is reality

Wicca is a religion and lifestyle that derives from some of the oldest practices of humankind, dating back to 30,000 years.

These traditions and practices have survived, in one form or another, into the modern-day practice, where they can still be used to alter and change reality, in a sense.

Learn about the balance between the Goddess and God as deities and how they exist within everything and everyone.

Accessing that divinity is the source of magic and magical power.

If you have a love for nature, a connection to spirituality, and a desire to discover yourself on a new level, Wicca could be the path for you.

Find your empowerment; find yourself. If you've ever been curious about Wicca, this is the book for you

By reading this book, you will learn:

★What Wicca is

What Wicca isn't

★The history of Wicca

How to practice Wicca

★Tools and Arts of the craft


★What Magic is

What spells are

The world is much bigger than what we know. Learning how to expand yourself, your mind, and your personal power through magic is just one way to enter that larger world.

Wicca isn't all about spells and magic, though; it is an entire lifestyle of peace, harmony, and coexistence.

If these traits are qualities that you have or want to have in your life, then this book is a great starting point to take a look at what Wicca is and what it has to offer.

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ISBN: 9781954182639
ISBN-10: 1954182635
Publisher: Tyler MacDonald
Publication Date: January 5th, 2021
Pages: 80
Language: English