The Field (Paperback)

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Memory, grief, and self-reflection mingle in debut author Garza's account of the death of her sibling. The 52-year-old author recounts her experience with survivor's guilt, dissociation, and spirituality, as she undertook a long journey to reconstruct her identity. Throughout, the author illustrates, in observant, poetic prose, the reverberating effects that grief can have on a life and the many ways that her family has coped with it. Garza draws on multiple outside sources, including the work of Rebecca Solnit, the words of Saint Teresa of vila, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, to explore how people understand and interact with death and how they ultimately learn to accept it as a constant companion. An achingly vulnerable, elegantly worded meditation on grief and recovery. ―Kirkus Review

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ISBN: 9781737513490
ISBN-10: 1737513498
Publisher: Jackleg Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English