Isonomi: The Great Masonic Secret: Master Keys (Paperback)

Isonomi: The Great Masonic Secret: Master Keys By Mishaal Talib Mahfuz El Bey Cover Image
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Shalom, hotep and 13Ahavah to all who bliss this works with your precious attention and focus. It is my sincere hope and will that this compiled work of divine and right knowledge will elevate, protect, inform, uplift and inspire you to a better existence and future. This information has been hidden from my people for too long but now is the time of great revealing so that we may free ourselves from the shackles of bondage and be resurrected from mental death and live as we were always meant to, which is in harmony with our consanguinity and true customs and culture: Love, Truth, Peace, Justice and Freedom for All. This level of scholarship is brought to you by Th Elders of the Moors Order of The Roundtable, just a few of the loyal and Faithful Moors who carryout and embody what it is the Prophet Noble Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali A.K.A. Drew Ali uncovered and brought back to the Asiatics of Th North Gate/ North-West Amexem/North-West Afrika. May Th Divine will of Allah light Th flame of your consciousness and revive Th ancestral greatness of thy pedigree. All is well and well is all. Bro. Mafuz El Bey

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ISBN: 9781733280556
ISBN-10: 1733280553
Publisher: Califa Media Publishing
Publication Date: April 27th, 2018
Pages: 266
Language: English