Protagoras (Dialogues of Plato #21) (Paperback)

Protagoras (Dialogues of Plato #21) By Benjamin Jowett (Translator), Plato Cover Image
By Benjamin Jowett (Translator), Plato
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COMPANION: Where do you come from, Socrates? And yet I need hardly ask the question, for I know that you have been in chase of the fair Alcibiades. I saw him the day before yesterday; and he had got a beard like a man, -and he is a man, as I may tell you in your ear. But I thought that he was still very charming.SOCRATES: What of his beard? Are you not of Homer's opinion, who says 'Youth is most charming when the beard first appears'?And that is now the charm of Alcibiades.COMPANION: Well, and how do matters proceed? Have you been visiting him, and was he gracious to you?SOCRATES: Yes, I thought that he was very gracious; and especially to-day, for I have just come from him, and he has been helping me in an argument. But shall I tell you a strange thing? I paid no attention to him, and several times I quite forgot that he was present.COMPANION: What is the meaning of this? Has anything happened between you and him? For surely you cannot have discovered a fairer love than he is; certainly not in this city of Athens.SOCRATES: Yes, much fairer.COMPANION: What do you mean-a citizen or a foreigner? This edition includes: - A complete biography of Plato- A complete biography of Benjamin Jowett, (translator of Plato)- A index with direct links.

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