Generations: A Family History Book (Paperback)

Generations: A Family History Book By Mary Ellen Sanfilippo Cover Image
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Imagine what the world was like for our ancestors hundreds of years ago. Instead of going to the corner grocery store, they had to grow or hunt their own food. There were no clothing stores and no roads or bridges. The nearest neighbor was often miles away and the only way to get anywhere was by walking. In this family history, the author draws on more than five years of research. While she originally planned to only cover the Weaver, Shrock, and Miller lines, she learned that she also had forgotten ancestors with the last name of Sommers, Beachy, Hochstetler, and many more. Most of the author's ancestors left Switzerland and parts of Germany and France to find religious freedom. While some died at sea while trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean, others went on to settle in the colonies and accomplish remarkable things. Join the author as she examines a forgotten way of life while celebrating her family history and the contributions of her ancestors.

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ISBN: 9781665719605
ISBN-10: 1665719605
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: May 5th, 2022
Pages: 900
Language: English