So You Think You Know About...Tyrannosaurus Rex? (Paperback)

 So You Think You Know About...Tyrannosaurus Rex? Cover Image
By Ben Garrod, Gabriel Ugueto (Illustrator), Scott Hartman (Illustrator)
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Packed full of dinosaur discoveries, battles, adventures, fascinating facts, quizzes and a helpful glossary along with cartoon illustrations and paleo art, these nonfiction titles read like novels and are just as engrossing.

Cool facts you might not know about dinosaurs...
Not all dinosaurs are dead. Chickens are dinosaurs.
Not all dinosaurs roar. Some dinosaurs cooed like pigeons or honked like geese.
Monkey puzzle trees developed their spiny leaves to avoid becoming dino brunch and still have them 66 million years later.
Dinosaurs had short arms.
Many dinosaurs had brightly colored feathers.
You might be able to outrun a T. rex. (Well, Usain Bolt probably could.)

Discover dinosaurs, new science, how to find a fossil and ask an expert, with Dr. Ben Garrod.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781610678575
Publisher: Kane Miller
Publication Date: July 1st, 2019
Pages: 112