Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Circle, Gods, Elements & Sex (Paperback)

Wicca for Beginners: A Guide to Wiccan Beliefs, Rituals, Circle, Gods, Elements & Sex By Aleena Alastair Cover Image
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This book describe the foundations of Wiccan Belief and practice. All you need to understand about the start of your Wiccan journey in a peaceful Wicca religion. This book will show you the fascinating faiths and beliefs of the Wiccan way of life. It is a great source for anybody curious and interested in the Wiccan religion or already practicing it. It will be helpful for Wiccans who want to learn further and go deeper into Wiccan spells, rituals, traditions, Gods, Elements, primary tools, and terminology.

The book is intended as general information, covering the essential issues that people curious about Wicca usually have. Whether you're just trying to acquire more knowledge about the Wiccan way of life, or you desire to start practicing Wicca yourself, you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

This book covers following topics:
  • What Wicca really is and what it is not at all?
  • What are the differences and similarities between Wicca and Witchcraft?
  • What makes you Wiccan & how do you go about getting it done?
  • Why some Wiccans don't like to use a 'k' in magic?
  • Your first steps to becoming Wiccan
  • The best way to select your name as a Wiccan
  • What words in Wicca's terminology mean?
  • Is Wicca one of those destructive and dangerous cults we all heard about?
  • The most popular misunderstandings concerning Wicca from Christians.
  • What are Wiccan views on sex?
  • What happens after we die?
  • What's a Wiccan circle & how to cast one?
  • The best standard way to open & close your Wiccan ritual.
  • How to discover your Wiccan god and goddess?
  • Elements as metaphysical building blocks.
  • Basic information on the 5 primary tools of Wicca.
  • The Wiccan wheel of the year.

In a 21st century, we are in a much more educated age, and old misunderstandings about Wicca must be revised. Wiccan way of life can dispel the old misconceptions about Witchcraft and magic. By the end of the"Wicca for Beginners" book you will have a solid sense of the fundamentals of Wicca and Witchcraft, and, I believe, a stronger desire to proceed on this path.

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