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For almost 30 years I was married to the man the rest of the world knew as Gilligan. Almost five decades of reruns have made his television character iconic, but the Bob Denver I knew and loved was legendary to me for his courage, his commitment to his severely autistic son and his love for the wife of his dreams, maybe the reason he called me Dreams. Devoting the last 21 years of his life to our son Colin speaks volumes about Bob Denver, the man. Our love story is one for the ages. Anyone who knew us in our years together will tell you that. Our devotion to each other and to Colin was complete, and the courage of this man during the last six months of his life exemplifies the definition of the word. This is the story of a man and woman who made vows to each other and kept them. This is the story of parents facing the challenge of autism together, never wavering in their love for each other or their son. This is the story of Bob and me, two imperfect people who fit perfectly together. Losing Bob was the hardest thing I've ever faced, but his love left me stronger, more focused and in the end, able to survive even when I thought I couldn't. Being loved by this man was the greatest gift of my life. For every challenge we faced and every minute we spent together, I love you, Bob Denver.

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Growing up in a small town in the hills of West Virginia, Dreama never imagined that her fantasy of becoming an actress would ultimately become reality and land her in the arms of a man with one of the most recognizable faces on the planet. And even if her imagination had soared to that extent, she would never have dreamed this man would be her destiny or that their love story would include the birth of a son, who forever changed their lives. From the West Virginia hills to the Hollywood Hills and back, Bob and Dreama discovered a truth about unconditional love that sometimes eludes even the most caring among us. That truth gave them a sense of purpose and the ability to withstand any obstacle as long as they were together. Now that Bob is gone, Dreama carries on, making his dreams a reality. As president of the Denver Foundation, she carries on his dream of helping special needs families. As the owner of their nonprofit radio station Little Buddy Radio, she continues to bring listeners the best in music, acting as program director, general manager and co-host of the station's morning show, Sunny Side Up. As co-founder of Always Free Honor Flight, Dreama expanded the foundation's mission to include honoring our veterans, the men and women who preserve the blanket of freedom we sleep under every night. In the pages of this book, her love letter to the husband she adored, you'll find love, laughter and tears. You may find it inspirational, possibly even life-changing, but you'll never find it boring.

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