An Introduction to Bioethics: Fourth Edition--Revised and Updated (Paperback)

An Introduction to Bioethics: Fourth Edition--Revised and Updated By Thomas A. Shannon, Nicholas J. Kockler Cover Image
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This fourth edition of An Introduction to Bioethics provides an introductory survey of various bioethical issues facing society from beginning of life issues to end of life issues, and several of them in between. This presentation begins with introducing the idea of bioethics and connecting it to how technology challenges our moral senses. This follows with readers being introduced to the major theories and vocabulary of bioethics. Following these general issues, Shannon and Kockler take the reader through various issues while presenting multiple perspectives. The authors include hotly debated topics such as abortion, euthanasia, and stem cell technology. The topics cover major areas of focus in the field of bioethics from the beginning of life to the end of life, including biotechnology, organ transplantation, human subject research, and a whole earth ethic. Once readers finish the book, they should be oriented to significant debates in bioethics, have the vocabulary to enter into a thoughtful discussion on the topics, and begin to formulate their own judgments on some of the most controversial aspects of contemporary society. The book can serve as an excellent text for undergraduate studies by providing a firm foundation to launch into class discussions and assignments. The bibliographies and references provide readers with information on some of the seminal texts in bioethics, which gives An Introduction to Bioethics a value for the reader who is just beginning the journey into the tumultuous field of bioethics. +

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2009
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